Aerial Surveying Africa

Aerial Surveying Africa (ASA) is one of South Africa’s leading engineering, land, mining surveying and geospatial mapping companies providing hi-tech specialized quality surveying services to government, corporate or private entities and sectors throughout Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban as well as Sub Saharan Africa.

Our experienced teams of surveyors are equipped to collect, analysis, present and deliver total aerial imagery in various formats including LiDAR, film and digital.

We are all caught up in ever changing environments which are characterized by the evolution of technology. The increased speed of development in the fields of robotics and photography are good examples. These fields are constantly evolving and creating new and exciting ways of achieving existing goals, not to mention the array of new possibilities. The challenge of keeping up with technology is often a very expensive and frustrating one. There is also the issue of possessing adequate competency and skills to safely and effectively utilize these technologies and when you finally decide to outsource, what do you trust? Trust ASA

We have identified a great need in the fields of Specialized Surveying, Aerial Surveying and Aerial Photography. Within these markets clients are often not sure if they are getting the best value for their money. Technology is growing at a rapid pace and is almost constantly allowing for new service & and providers to emerge who do you trust. Trust Aerial Surveying Africa

We have put together the largest aerial surveying network in Africa by screening operators and consolidating the best of them under one shared brand called Aerial Surveying Africa (ASA).

ASA creates a portal for all role players to interact with each other without the risks of self assessment.

What can you expect from ASA:

  • Safety is our number one priority
  • Accurate ,high quality data collection and processing
  • Appropriate aircraft for each project and no one size fits all approaches
  • Qualified, reputable & insured operators
  • The best value for money every time
  • Rapid deployment guaranteeing fast accurate results
  • Excellent client customer interfaces
  • Environmentally friendly corporate culture

By having affordable access to new technologies and state-of-the-art equipment, institutions can now save cost and make higher returns. All of this without the enormous capital layout and split focus that comes with self exploration. Everyone can now have a wide variety of accurate data quickly, easily and above all cost effectively.

We are your guide through this new world, We are Aerial Surveying Africa

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