Engineering & Surveying

Engineering Surveying Services in South Africa

We offer a complete geo-spatial management system by utilizing Industry leading software packages. Our software packages include but are not limited to, Trimble Business Centre (processing engine derived from Trimble Inpho), Encognitions, Photoscan, Global Mapper and Model Maker. We provide highly accurate deliverables with high-resolution capabilities enabling pro active decision making, in an environment where time, safety and cost are key factors. Reducing surveying time directly reduces costs. Whatever your requirements, ASA provides an array of suitable aerial platforms ideal for your Engineering and construction needs.

  • High quality surveys and accurate data
  • Variable spacing XYZ grids on all deliverables
  • Point Cloud
  • DTM
  • DSM
  • Contour mapping
  • Ortho Mosaic for site progress reporting
  • Array of resolutions depending the project needs

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