Mining Surveying Africa

Aerial Surveying Africa (ASA) offers total aerial surveying services to the mining sector. ASA is a leading services provider of aerial LiDAR and hyperspectral technology surveying services to mines throughout South Africa and across the continent of Africa including Zambia, Angola, Namibia & Tanzania. With a total understanding of the mapping & surveying process our team of experienced mine surveyors are equipped to generate extremely accurate surveys and maps for all our clients.

Safety is paramount to Arial Survey Africa. We only use specialised and accredited health and safety service providers. This ensures that we are and remain occupational health and safety as well as mine health and safety complaint. Mine safety can be improved by detecting dangerous slopes preventing unsafe operation before an incident or even accidents occurs. Certain mine surveys hold a high risk factor for traditional terrestrial surveys. By using technology we can remove the operator from possible harmful situations not to mention the convenience of not walking the survey . Aerial surveying reduces the man hours required to do an accurate survey thereby reducing the risk of employees and equipment and saving cost. Whatever your requirements, ASA provides an array of suitable aerial platforms ideal for mining needs.

  • High quality surveys and accurate data
  • Array of resolutions depending the project needs
  • Mining equipment count
  • Drainage contours
  • Stockpile volumes
  • Surface to surface volume calculations
  • Open cast pit surveys
  • Digital surface models
  • Ortho mosaics

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